maria l. bobiles

about maria

Born to Filipino, immigrant parents and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Maria L. Bobiles witnessed and grew up hearing stories of the perseverance and hard work necessary for dreams to come true. She is the product of families talented in the arts and music. She grew up with a passion to sing, dance, and draw and was always encouraged to exercise her artistic abilities. However, coming from an immigrant family that had experienced the hardships of life and socioeconomically struggles, her parents endorsed the idea of pursuing a post-secondary education and a respected professional career. After attaining a bachelor of science in biology and certification in Medical Laboratory Science, Maria is currently working in the health care sector in Clinical Microbiology. She has had the pleasure of being part of a team that has spearheaded great projects with the newest state-of-the-art medical lab technology, helping mentor and encourage educational programs for medical laboratory science students.

Modelling after her father, with a heart for people, Maria gave much of her time and love to serve the community. Much of her experience in community service has come through serving at local church communities and non-profit organizations. Her passion of music and education has opened doors to sing on a few worship teams, as well as to serve in teaching and leadership positions. As a natural-born leader, feeding and building the communities she has been part of, she heard the call of God to build her own. She is the founder of the social enterprise From the Heart with Love, where she leads and builds people and community in faith, hope, and love. Through partnerships with for-profit and non-profit enterprises, her creative and keen ability to encourage, motivate, and inspire aims to affect global change. Through social media, one-on-one mentorship, small groups, a Pop-Up Life Group, and community events.  Maria offers services that teach individuals how to operate in God-given purpose with love and authority. Maria’s agility as a leader and entrepreneur has distinguished her as a figure that impacts and transforms environments with love and compassion – transcending racial, economical, and cultural barriers while teaching and preaching the Word of God.