maria l. bobiles


maria l. bobiles

Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you about your destination and I want to walk with you.

The From the Heart with Love community was created to provide a safe and supportive environment where we walk together on this journey to a life filled with love and purpose​​.  With our One-on-One coaching sessions, Focus Groups and Workshop: we aim to build up individuals, teams and communities that can be the change we want to see.


COACH FOUNDATION TOP life coaches in america

Maria has been recognized as Top Life Coach by Coach foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.


unlocking your destiny & purpose

 Ever wonder why you are here? Or what to do with the talents God has given you? Maybe everyday life has trapped you in your comfort zone and you are dying to know how to actually live a happier, fulfilling life. Sound familiar?

Unlocking Your Destiny & Finding Purpose includes eight powerful, yet easy-to-read chapters, intriguing exercises, and guided prayers.

From exploring passions and talents to reflecting on the thoughts and feelings associated with negative habits, each chapter builds on the last, challenging readers to reflect on their deepest desires and personal circumstances in order to shed darkness with the light of God’s Word.

Unlocking your Destiny and Finding Purpose Book and Guide

from the heart with love

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From the Heath with Love is a community for people to grow and be empowered through faith in Jesus Christ, hope and Love.


These are sessions we provide to build people and community with Life Lessons with biblical principles for free.​​​​ 

We meet online & sometimes at coffee shops, restuarants and venues around the province. I hope you can join us one day, but until then you can catch the last lesson you missed below & on our YouTube channel.

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A series on a mission to build a community of women that know and walk in their true beauty and worth. A girls night like no other, where we learned about our inner beauty and how to bring it out!

1 Peter 3: 3-4 

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Here are what some of our clients have to say:

I honour your work and initiative to create a positive outlook for women. 

Meir (Winnipeg, Canada)

on Unfading Beauty

I loved every bit of this experience.  Mel is an amazing artist & an excellent tutor.  Maria, you are amazing and inspiring.  I learned so much from you.  Keep inspiring women. 

Shagayani (Winnipeg, Canada)

on Unfading Beauty

Maria Bobiles is a coaching champion for Christ. She posses a warm-heart that is pure and full of servitude. She has skills like a ring side coach in a boxing match... even if you have been knocked out a couple of times in life, she knows how to give you pep talks that will make you get up and fight again! She has supernatural insight and a hunger to see people walking in there purpose and destiny. Maria is a woman after God’s own heart that studies to show her self approved and you can see that without doubt in her ministry.

Stacy (Georgia, USA)

on Life Coaching